Starts way before you're standing on a mountain exchanging vows. We believe in the spark that brought you together. We understand that every love is unique and every story must be told authentically. Your love is valid and should be seen as so. There's no rules to the perfect love story. Let's chase a few sunsets and race against the wind.

To have and to hold...

We believe 

We're storytellers second and story listeners first. We go passed just showing up and "taking pictures." 
Every tear, whisper, hand touch.. all of it. We wanna show off the love you two have created and celebrate it. We want to document the love that has grown between you and continues to thrive. Your souls have found each other and we wanna watch them dance to a slow song under the stars or run through a sparkler exit. Give us your love and in return we'll give you a full experience. One that makes you fall harder and harder.

Crafted with Purpose, soul, and story.


captured on
vintage super 8

A taste of Magic


The Experience

"Dan and Ish are the real deal.
When they say they will go above and beyond they really mean it. They made our elopement so special. Helped keep us on schedule too.
 We couldn't imagine the day without them."

what clients are saying

Photographers looking for a creative space?

We get it. Being a creative can be hard. Finding the right place to inspire you can be even harder. We've got ya covered! We designed a cute mid century modern studio + Joshua Tree inspired studio + natural light 1k sqft studio that will bring your mood board to life. Perfect for a cute home session or maybe something editorial. If you can imagine it ... create it!  Check us out! 

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